Your first and last name (please)? *

Do you know how many Weave events you have been to so far? *

Do you mind sharing in a short sentence why you personally would like to be part of the Weave and Base Commons community more intimately? *

We'd just like to get to know your intrinsic motivation :)
Do you see yourself being excited by and involved in Weave membership for either, or both personal and professional growth? *

We intend to work closely with members to foster deeper support for our individual and collective development. This will mean we may offer opportunities for workshops and more intimate work.
Which membership option are you feeling is best suited for you right now? *

Would you be looking to come to a service exchange agreement instead of monetary payment? *

We don't want money to be a major barrier to people experiencing the community. So we are open to coming to arrangements where mutual benefit and equal value is exchanged through other means. This will be explored and arranged through conversation if there is a fit.
If yes, can you please let us know what types of services you would be open to exchange? If no, please skip this question.

What's the best mobile number to get you on to discuss your application and next steps from here? *

Thank you for your application. We are super excited to have such amazing people wanting to get deeply connected to the community. We'll be in touch very soon to discuss your application a little more and where to next :)

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